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This drop-down box allows you to choose either a particular catalogue field in which to search for your chosen term or to choose a free-text search.


This option only applies to date searching (see date searching below). Use the drop-down box to select either one particular year or specific date (=), dates later than you specify (>), dates earlier than you specify (<) or all possible matches with your specified date (generic).


Enter the word or characters that you want to search for in this box. Note that where specific dates appear on the catalogue, they have been entered in and display in the order year-month-day, e.g. 1799 July 2. If you search for a specific date, you must enter it into the value box in ISO format, e.g. 1799-07-02.


This allows you to choose whether or not to allow matches between your chosen search value and only part of a word in a record. The truncation box is automatically ticked for each advanced search term. This means that, as on the ordinary search screen, you can get hits by only entering the first part of a word.
- When truncation is ticked, entering a search value of, e.g., bent will find examples of Bentham and Bentinck as well as Bent or bent.
- A date search for a value of, e.g., 185 will retrieve records created in the 1850s.
Unticking the truncation box allows you restrict your search to exact matches only. Note that truncation can be set differently for different search terms within a query, allowing a greater degree of flexibility and complexity in your searches.


Use this drop-down box to define the relationships between the search terms in your query.
- Select and to search for records containing both the value in this row and the value in the following row, e.g. archive and library finds only those records containing both terms.
- To find records containing either the term in this or the value in the row below select or, e.g. archive or library finds records containing either archive or library (or both).
- Select and not to find records containing the term in this row but not the term in the following row, e.g. archive and not library finds records containing archive but not library


The list button will allow you to browse the available search terms in alphabetical order. Type the point where you want the list to start (e.g. Nu) into the value box and then click the list button. If necessary, use the double arrows at the foot of the displayed list to scroll further up and down. To add a term from the list to your query, click on the small, left-facing arrow in the square box adjacent to the term. The browsing option is only available for reference code, collection creator, person/institution and subject/place fields.

Add new field

Click on the small plus symbol in a square box at the right hand end of the bottom row to add another search term to the query. All rows except the lowest end with a minus symbol in a square box; clicking on one of these will delete that row. Note that you must create all the rows that you will need before entering any search values because adding or subtracting a row deletes any search values already entered.

Sort by

Choose whether to display your results in reference order, date order or title order.

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