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Date searching

You can search for specific dates using Free Text from the simple Search or Advanced Search screens. This will not, however, capture date ranges. For the most reliable date searching, use Expert Search.

The nature of archives is such that the specific dates are often not known. Searching for a year or a decade is more likely to yield useful results than searching for a specific date.

However, you may search for specific dates (entering the values in year-month-day order, e.g. 1901-12-23) if you wish. Leaving the truncation box ticked is usually more effective, unless you are getting too many hits.

Date ranges

To search within a particular date range, break the query down into two rows. In the first row, select > (greater than) in the Operator column, enter the lower end of your date range as the value and select AND in the Boolean column. In the second row, select < (less than) in the Operator column and enter the upper end of your date range as the value. For example, to search for the word "hours" restricted to documents from the 15th century, build the following query:

Free text = hours AND
Date > 1400 AND
Date < 1500

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